Boggabri Crushing & Loadout System

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Boggabri Mine ROM Pad Under Construction - A Bit Too Close! (78 Kb) Bulk Earthworks Underway (150 Kb) East Side Bin Footing Steel Tying 1 (149 Kb) Dump Station Pier Caps And Retaining Wall Slab (155 Kb) Bin Erection 1 (151 Kb) Bin Erection 2 (111 Kb) Bin Erection 3 (104 Kb) Bin Erection 4 (89 Kb) Bin Erection 5 (124 Kb) Bin Erection 6 (110 Kb) Crushing Station Structure Side View (135 Kb) Trestle T5 Goes In (132 Kb) Boggabri Feeder Breaker Despatch (130 Kb) Gantry G1 Installation (79 Kb) Feeder Breaker Arrives (97 Kb) Boggabri Crushing Station (124 Kb) Retaining Wall Level 3 (124 Kb) Hopper Installation, LeftSide (115 Kb) We Are 15km From Boggabri (176 Kb) Dump Station Initial Assembly, Right Side (166 Kb) Dump Station Initial Assembly,LeftSide (166 Kb) Dump Station Viewed From Bin Top (228 Kb) Dump Hopper Left Side View (195 Kb) Overall View From Bin Top (221 Kb) Conveyor Carry Idlers Installed (158 Kb) Sizer, Undressed (198 Kb) Earthing Grid Installation (211 Kb) Phil Caldwell, Calsun - Where's This Bit! (196 Kb) Lovton, Calsun & Neocom Personel (201 Kb) Primary Breaker Head Drive (189 Kb) Load Out Conveyor Heading For Heaven (183 Kb) FEL Driver View Of Dump Hopper (152 Kb) Overall View From Approach Side (121 Kb) Dump Station Panorama (255 Kb) Overall ViewFrom Stockpile (201 Kb) Conveyor Drive - Showing Shrink Disc Mount (178 Kb) Crushing Station Right Side (188 Kb) FEL Slab Construction (183 Kb)  Mechanically Complete Conveyor (126 Kb) Breaker Drive (135kB)  Belt Tracking In Progress (138 Kb) Feeder Hydraulic Power Pack (163 Kb) Feeder Hydraulic Power Pack - Commissioning (142 Kb) Feeder Hydraulic Power Pack - Rear View (150 Kb) Sampler & Tramp Sweep Arm Commissioning (157 Kb) Boggabri Mine's First Load Of Coal Goes In (109 Kb) Truck Ready (157 Kb) Truck Ready 2 (165 Kb) Coal Bin Or Sin Bin, Calsun Does Them All Well...! (170 Kb) First Coal Produced Boggabri Mine Crushing System (193 Kb) Loading First Truck Boggabri Mine Crushing System (140 Kb) Take-Up Pigsty (175 Kb) Truck Two Loading (178 Kb) Truck Two Loading 2 (158 Kb) Bin From Ground Level (139 Kb)  Web Cam - Crusher Area(57 Kb) Web Cam - FEL Tipping In Crusher (57 Kb) Web Cam - Bin Top (50 Kb) Web Cam - Truck Loading (57 Kb) After 1.1mt - Overall (128kB) After 1.1mt - Crushing Station (176kB) After 1.1mt - Conveyor (154kB) After 1.1mt - Truck Loader (133kB) Recognised in 2010 As A World Leading Facility (329kB)  Project Information Summary Sheet: CalsunProjectSheet-BoggabriCrushingLoadoutSystem.pdf (1,060kB)

ROM Coal Crushing Auto-Loadout System at Idemitsu Boggabri Coal Mine

 for $/t service contract (Design and Construct Project)

Design construct project for the supply and installation of a primary and tertiary crushing station to suit a Cat 988/990 FEL, an automatic load-out bin for 125t+ B-Double truck operation, a conveyor with coal scan, sampling and automated tramp metal removal systems, and associated electricals. Set up $/t contract.

Key Features

  • Innovative technical and operational self-recovery features for robust one man operation.
  • Automated 125t+ B-Double truck fast filling multiple redundancy fail safe system.
  • Considerable reserve above required 300t/hr capacity.
  • Economical system design with features to minimise future washery upgrade costs.
  • 24 week program delivery despite an unusually complex project environment.
  • Facility reputedly the best of its kind in the country (and well beyond!).

Watch Truck Loader Operating - click to download video (9Mb / 1.5 minutes)    or     click to view on YouTube

                                                                                                   or   (click to download an early side shot composite, 2.3Mb)

See Inside McLanahan Feeder Breaker During Pre-Delivery Test - click to download video (4.3Mb / 2 minutes)

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