Cumnock Coal Dispatch

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CumnockCC1ReclaimClamshellFeeder.jpg (87 Kb) CumnockCC1ReclaimTunnelExit.jpg (71 Kb) CumnockCC1TailExtensionTunnelConstn.jpg (91 Kb) CumnockCC4GantrySection.jpg (88 Kb) CumnockCC4OverlandEarthworks.jpg (68 Kb) CumnockCC4TruckLoadoutBin.jpg (61 Kb) CumnockCC4TruckLoadoutBinConstn.jpg (75 Kb) CumnockCC4TruckLoadoutOverland.jpg (54 Kb) CumnockCC4TruckLoadoutSystemOperational.jpg (97442 bytes) Project Information Summary Sheet: CalsunProjectSheet-CumnockRaw&ProductCoalSystemsUpgrade.pdf (640kB)

Product handling, stockpiles, reclaim, truck loading, feed crusher upgrade
for CUMNOCK  NO.1  COLLIERY (Design and Construction Project)

Key Benefits

  • Extensive use of second hand equipment and structure to minimise cost.
  • Innovative solutions for minimising operational impact during construction.
  • Work performed in stages against tight schedules.



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